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Where, oh where does all my money go?

December 4th, 2006 at 10:12 am

Total monthly income: $2800

College savings/529 plan: $50 ($25 each girl)

Monthly Bills
Daycare: $1000 (YIKES)
Gas (budget billing) $95
Elect/Water (budget billing) $139
Phone: $24 - No extras
Garbage: $18

Debt payments
My school loan: $61
DH School loan: $200
Ford Credit: $330

DH pays the mortgage (we have seperate accounts).
Total of bills, savings and debt payments: $1917.
This leaves me with $890 a month for household/other items.

Other nonrecurring bills:
Auto Registration $210/year
Auto Insurance $400/6 months

Emergency Fund: $2000 (savings account)

I also have two bills that will be paid off at the next statement.
CC - used for online christmas shopping: $200
Medical - my portion of the girl's well child visit $100

2 Responses to “Where, oh where does all my money go?”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Oh hey welcome! You snuck in on us!

    Blog traffic has been hopping, so it's getting harder and harder to track everybody. Big Grin

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