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2007 Financial Goals

December 6th, 2006 at 11:42 am

I have been inpired reading others financial goals for the new year so I have been thinking of my own.

1. Checking account balance - Build enough coushin so the balance never goes below $1500. The last few months the low point has been between $400-$800 before payday.

2. Keep using the cash system to pay for household purchases, gas and other small stuff.
Any extra bills at the end of the payperiod will go into into an 'emergency' cash pocket in case I go over the next few weeks.
Any extra change goes into the change bucket - Cash in periodically throughout the year.

3. Each paycheck deposit $50 for non-monthly bills and $50 for holidaybirthdays. Research setting up one of those online savings with the higher rates.

4. Payoff my school loan by the end of the 1st quarter (current balance over $600).

5. Find ways to lower other monthly bills.
**New insulation is getting installed mid-december of this year
**I have already replaced several light bulbs with the lower energy ones. Replace rest of the bulbs in the house.
**Car insurance - drop full coverage on DHs car - 1998 Monte Carlo. Insurance is due in March - get quotes from other companies also.

That is all I can think of now. I am sure I will add to it later!

5 Responses to “2007 Financial Goals”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    That is a good start!!

  2. janH Says:

    I need to set some goals in writing! Good for you!

  3. Aleta Says:

    I need to also get my goals on paper. Good job

  4. jersey jen Says:

    great! perhaps take defensive driving to get some safety credits?

  5. scottish girl Says:

    Those are great goals to have, I think I should think of some for next year.

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