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Homemade Christmas Gifts

December 12th, 2006 at 01:01 pm

I started the fleece blanket I am going to make for my neice today during my lunch hour. I spent about $18 on fleese a month or so ago (I probably could have gotten it cheaper if I would have waited for a coupon). Our gift exchange is between $20-$25 so I feel pretty good about being under (hey, my labor has to be worth something, right?).

I made a little calendar magnet for my youngest daughter's daycare provider. I think I will also give her some goodies I plan on making this week. I am still toying with the idea of also giving her a gift certificate - just not as much as last year - maybe $20.

So far today has been a no-spend day. Working on my blanket over the lunch hour helped to not be tempted to leave the office - So I saved by bringing my lunch, not driving anywhere, and not being tempted by any other impulse shopping.

1 Responses to “Homemade Christmas Gifts”

  1. marymara Says:

    I made some crocheted gifts for Christmas. Blankets for my granddaughter Mara's (this is how I got my name Marymara) Cabbage Patch babies Rose and Ashanti and scarves. I love to crochet if the patterns are simple. It is very relaxing and almost hypnotic. It has to be good for blood pressure.

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