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Chicken - 4 ways

February 7th, 2007 at 04:07 pm

Yesterday I put a while chicken in the crockpot for dinner that evening. It was actually a rather large chicken - we normally do not buy them that large. I ended up with 4 meals with this one chicken.

1. Roasted chicken from the crock pot. I season the chicken with seasoning salt and cook it on aluminum foil balls in the crock pot.

2. I used part of the leftover chicken and made chicken and wild rice soup for later this week. I was also able to use celery that was starting to get flimsy that I probably would have thrown out in a few days.

3. Chicken salad sandwich for lunch today. Again, I used up a little more of the celery that would have gone to waste.

4. Chicken for my youngest DDs lunch for today and tomorrow. To save a little $ I pack my DDs lunch everyday for daycare.

Cook once - eat 4 times. I love it!